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Lower Body Stretches

Adductor Stretch

One of the most overlooked muscles to stretch are the adductor muscles. Tight adductors can cause groin, hip, knee conditions and pelvic imbalances.

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Quadricep Stretch

Strong and flexible quadriceps allow simple actions such as rising from a chair, using stairs and walking to become easier. Tight quadriceps can cause knee, lower back and pelvic conditions.

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Gluteal Stretch

Extended periods of sitting or standing is a common reason for gluteal tightness, which can lead to lower back, hip and pelvic problems.

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Hamstring Stretch

Tight hamstrings can cause lower back and pelvic pain, recurrent hamstring strain, knee conditions and decreased lower body flexibility.

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Hip Flexor Stretch

Long periods of sitting commonly causes tight hip flexors, resulting in lower back, hip or pelvic conditions.

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Calf Stretch

We commonly link tight calf muscles with plantar fascia and achilles tendon issues. It can also cause tightness in your pelvic girdle and lower back.

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