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Upper Body Stretches

Pec & Biceps Stretch

Poor posture causes your shoulders to slouch forward, resulting in tight pectoral and bicep muscles. This can contribute to shoulder, neck and chest conditions.

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Mid-back & Lats Stretch

Long periods of sitting and poor posture causes mid back tightness.

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Upper Traps & Levator Scap Stretch

The upper Trapezius and Levator Scapulae wins the award for the most commonly strained muscles in the body that we treat in our office.

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Neck Retractions

Poor sitting posture, incorrect pillows and looking down at your smart phone causes forward head posture which can result in neck strain, weakness and headaches. This exercise will strengthen the front of your neck and stretch the back of your neck.

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Triceps & Rotator Cuff Stretch

Tight triceps and rotator cuff muscles contribute to reduced shoulder mobility.

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