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Atlas Orthogonal

Atlas adjustment behind earWe use a chiropractic approach that focuses on the upper most bones of your neck called the atlas and axis. If your upper neck is not perfectly aligned, subsequent imbalance of body structure will eventuate due to compensatory changes and distortions in spinal function.

The Analysis

We rely on 4 plain x-rays to calculate the degree of misalignment of your atlas and axis. This precise measurement is used to calculate the angle of the adjustment.

The Instrument

Our instrument delivers a precise chiropractic adjustment. A mechanical impulse is imparted to the metal stylus by means of a spring loaded plunger. This impulse produces a percussion wave through the stylus which is transmitted to your atlas, delivering the light pressure needed to precisely move the bone.

Pleasing Results

After your adjustment, some people report a pleasant warm feeling or a sense of well being. In rare cases, within minutes there is a complete relief of symptoms. But it usually requires several visits to relax the supporting muscles and create a healthier balance relationship between your skull and spine. As nerve interference is reduced, your body’s natural healing ability is invoked.

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