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Diversified in Five Dock

Diversified adjustment by Dr SamAt Back2Health Chiropractic, we employ a chiropractic adjustment technique commonly known as “Diversified.” Our process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your spine, which includes motion palpation, where our chiropractors assess the movement of spinal joints as you perform various movements. Also, x-ray analyses and a leg length check is conducted to detect any imbalances in the neck or pelvis.

Once we pinpoint any misaligned or restricted spinal joints, we administer a precise manual thrust. The direction, speed, depth, and angle of this adjustment are the result of years of experience, extensive practice, and a profound understanding of spinal mechanics.


The force applied during the thrust may result in a minor “popping” sound due to the movement of gas and fluids within the joint. While this sound might be intriguing, it does not serve as an indicator of the adjustment’s effectiveness.

While enhancing spinal biomechanics can alleviate nerve irritation, it’s important to note that adjustments can be beneficial for restoring proper range of motion in virtually all joints throughout the body.

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