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New Patients at
Back2Health Chiropractic

When you walk through the Back2Health Chiropractic doors, no matter your age or health history, we want to assist you in leading a fulfilling and active life. By providing personalised chiropractic care that aligns with each new patient’s unique requirements, we can support your journey to attain and sustain excellent health.

What to Expect at Back2Health Chiropractic

Our friendly team of doctors and staff members will welcome you upon arrival at our Five Dock office.

New patients undergo an initial consultation before transitioning to a care plan consisting of shorter standard consultations. Returning patients with new needs will also likely require an extended consultation.

This is where you start your journey with us to optimum wellness. We begin with an initial consultation that takes up to one hour and starts with a medical history discussion and a physical examination. The exam includes an assessment of your spine, joints and muscles. In most cases, you will receive your first adjustment. If required, we will provide you with a referral for x-rays which will be discussed in detail at your second appointment.

Cost: $160

Once the initial consultation has been completed, you will return for standard consultations and adjustments. The duration of standard sessions is 15 minutes. As you progress through care, we’ll collaborate to achieve the best results and a fast recovery. We’ll include recommendations, including specific strengthening and stretching exercises as well as postural, ergonomic and dietary advice.

Cost: $85

If you are a former or current patient who has sustained a new injury, we recommend a 30-minute extended consultation.

Cost: $125

Contact Us Today to Take the First Step Towards Better Health

You deserve to live and feel better. Schedule a consultation to begin your path to natural recovery.

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