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Sports Injury Care in Five Dock

Woman holding her shoulder in painWhether you are a golfer, weight trainer or runner, Back2Health Chiropractic wants to support your ability to stay on the sports field and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Whether you are a professional athlete or simply love to be active, we are here to help you overcome joint and muscle strains through careful assessments, outstanding care and advice. Our process focuses on empowering you as the patient to speed up your recovery, as we assist with proven techniques that reinforce your body’s strengths and rehabilitate your weaknesses.
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Assessing Your Strengths, Weaknesses and Options for Healing

We conduct joint and muscle tests that allow us to determine what adjustments, exercises and stretches can best bring healing and restore optimum functioning.

We offer maintenance care, helping you prevent future injuries, improve agility and strength and maximise your performance by keeping your body in top-notch shape.

Getting You Back in the Game Fast

The goal is to help you heal fast and provide an efficient path for you to return to your favourite sport. To do that, we incorporate a variety of techniques, including dry needling and various adjustment methods.

In addition to the care and recommendations you will receive at our Five Dock office, we provide specific exercises to strengthen and stabilise areas of weakness, and stretches for areas of tightness. To help you succeed, we provide you with videos to watch that demonstrate the movements you need to incorporate while doing your at-home exercises.

Go for the Win: Contact Us Today

Our team is dedicated to helping you excel in your favourite sport or athletic activity. Contact us today and let’s team up together for your health and benefit.

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