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The Hygiene Hypothesis

Cleaning supplies.

Keeping your house spotless is one thing–but not being exposed to any germs can actually weaken your immunity.

We mistakenly believe that if we kill enough germs it will produce health. This has resulted in what’s called the “hygiene hypothesis.”

The hygiene hypothesis suggests that some exposure to germs and microorganisms in early childhood is good for us. It helps develop the immune system. Many believe that a lack of exposure to microbes can result in allergies, autoimmune conditions and a less robust immune system.

Yet, healthy individuals are perfectly equipped to handle just about any germ or virus that comes our way. If not, the human race would have died off long ago.

Thankfully, our immune system (controlled by our nervous system) is on the job 24/7. It’s subduing countless germs and microbes without a single conscious thought from us.

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