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Stress and Your Spine

Many of the problems that show up in the spine are the result of our attempts at accommodating stress.

Stress is part of everyday living, and the COVID-19 global pandemic is the biggest crisis to happen in our lifetime. Long story short–it’s understandable if you’re feeling extra stressed out these days.

The 3 Different Types of Stress

Emotional Stress

Fear, grief, anger and other emotions affect our entire body. Frustration, and a sense of powerlessness, both widely held emotions at this time of global uncertainty, are common forms of emotional stress.

Chemical Stress

Common causes of chemical stress include poor nutrition, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats. Drugs, preservatives, tobacco, alcohol, pollen and a host of other substances can affect our nervous system, muscle tone and spine.

Physical Stress

A whiplash injury from a car accident is an obvious source of physical stress. As is a slip and fall, lack of sleep or overdoing it in the garden. Early on, learning to walk, ride a bike and the birth process itself can be sources of physical stress.

The solution? A thorough chiropractic examination to assess the spine. Followed by a care plan designed to reduce misalignments and restore structural integrity. Have you had one?

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